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The 'Cosby Indictment' & Call To Action: Commentaries & Critiques

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"I've spoken to police chiefs, talked to psychiatrists, talked to school board superintendents. I've spoken to teachers, and it still comes back to parenting," Cosby said. "And we want -- if you need help and you really don't know how to parent -- we want to be able to reach out and touch you."

Cosby Meets With National Action Network--Visit Coincides With Congressional Black Caucus Conference. September 8, 2004. - News - Washington, DC

"My problem with what Cosby has been saying -- and how he has been saying it -- is that he seems to believe that the failure he sees is willful: that if black teenagers would use better language, and if their parents insisted on more discipline, their prospects would be greatly improved and that they know it. .... Screaming at the parents of street-seduced children that they should exert more discipline isn't enough. These parents -- often single mothers -- mostly don't know how to exert effective discipline, and they lack the wherewithal to relocate to a part of town where such discipline may be easier. I believe that both young people and their parents can do what Cosby wants them to do, but I also believe that their failure to do so is not volitional. Some people, under the worst of circumstances, will find their way. But most of us have to be taught how to act even in our own interest. ....So how about it, Cos? A little less yelling -- and a little more coaching?"

What Cosby Should Say. William Raspberry. The Washington Post, November 22, 2004.


[See also: How to Reach Black America. William Raspberry. The Washington Post, January 17, 2005]


News Reports


The Cosby Indictment & Call To Action, Part 1

NAACP/Howard University's Brown vs. Board of Education 50th Anniversary Commemoration, Washington, DC. May 17, 2004.


Cosby, Saying the Darndest Things. Richard Leiby. The Washington Post. May 19, 2004.


Audio of Bill Cosby's speech. Edited audio excerpts from Bill Cosby's speech on May 17, 2004, at the NAACP's gala to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court's Brown v. Board of Education decision.


Interview with Bill Cosby - The Tavis Smiley Show (PBS-TV). May 26, 2004. Transcript & Audio.


The Cosby Indictment & Call To Action, Part 2

Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Annual Conference, Chicago. July 1, 2004


Debate Continues as Cosby Again Criticizes Black Youths. Hamil R. Harris and Paul Farhi. The Washington Post. July 3, 2004.


Cosby, unbowed, defends remarks. Ernie Suggs. The Atlanta Journal - Constitution. July 3, 2004.


Bill Cosby to Blacks: Stop Blaming 'The White Man'. Marc Morano. July 2, 2004


Cosby Stands His Ground. Bill Cosby is not backing down. CBS News. July 2, 2004


Cosby again calls for black people to stress education, parenting. Jamal Watson. Chicago Tribune. July 2, 2004



The Cosby Indictment & Call To Action, Part 3

Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference, September 2004


Webcast - Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference, September 2004


Video: Panel Discussion on Education. Featuring: Bill Cosby, Marian Wright Edelman, Deborah Jewell-Sherman, Jawanza Kunjufu, Gary Orfield, Ron Ross, Terah Venzant. Moderator: Maya M. Rockeymoore. Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Annual Legislative Conference, September 2004.

Cosby: Attentive Parenting is Crucial to Education. Kerry-Ann Hamilton, September 09, 2004.


Cosby Defends Criticism of Black Community - Actor Urges Better Parenting At Education Forum in D.C. Manny Fernandez. The Washington Post, September 9, 2004.


Cosby urges leaders to aid black families. Brian DeBose. The Washington Times, September 9, 2004.


Cosby to parents: get involved. Manuel Balce Ceneta. The Associated Press. Sept. 9, 2004


Cosby Meets With National Action Network--Visit Coincides With Congressional Black Caucus Conference". September 8, 2004. - News - Washington, DC


Cosby wins praise for remarks - Sharpton, others agree better parenting needed for youth of all races. Bob Dart. Cox News Service. Sept. 8, 2004


Bill Cosby Paying for Education of 2. The Associated Press. July 2, 2004. Bill Cosby Paying for Education of Two Mass. High School Graduates

Cosby Dismisses Leadership Label. H.R. Harris. July 06, 2004

Cosby Foots College Bills for Top Grads. Associated Press. July 09, 2004

Cosby to honor more students in Springfield Sunday. Mary Ellen O'Shea. The Republican. August 01, 2004

Editorials / Opinions / Commentaries / Critiques


Listing is largely in reverse chronological order.


Debunking Cosby on Blacks. Michelle Singletary. The Washington Post. November 13, 2005


Is Bill Cosby Right?: Or Has the Black Middle Class Lost its Mind? (Book) Michael Eric Dyson. April 2005.


Talking Points: Bill Cosby vs. Michael Eric Dyson.


Interview with Michael Eric Dyson. Talk of the Nation, National Public Radio. May 3, 2005.


Michael Eric Dyson: Armed for the Class Wars. Interview. Mark Anthony Neal, Special to AOL BlackVoices. June 14, 2005


After Words with Michael Eric Dyson. C-SPAN Video. May 2005.


These People. Bill Cosby's criticism of poor and uneducated African Americans set off a yearlong debate. Now Michael Eric Dyson has written a book that talks back. Los Angeles Times Magazine. July 24, 2005.


Cos and Effect. Bill Cosby Sparked a Debate. Will His Own Troubles Snuff It Out? Kevin Merida. The Washington Post. February 20, 2005.


How to Reach Black America. William Raspberry. The Washington Post, January 17, 2005

What Cosby Should Say. William Raspberry. The Washington Post, November 22, 2004

Good Homes, Good Students. William Raspberry. The Washington Post, September 6, 2004

The Outspoken Bill Cosby. Bill Cosby interview with CNN's Paula Zahn. November 11, 2004

Bill Cosby's Plain-Spokenness Comes Not A Moment Too Soon. Cynthia Tucker. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. September 25, 2004.

Black Conservatives Praise Bill Cosby's Remarks on Parenting. Project 21 Press Release. September 10, 2004

PRESS RELEASE (PRWEB) - August 10, 2004: Meeting Dr. Cosby's Challenge: Resource-Pooling Strategies for Black Economic and Educational Progress. Strategies for establishing National Venture Capital and Educational Excellence/Anti-Stereotype Funds that can pool resources on a massive national scale from middle- and upper-class blacks (and nonblacks) to foster black progress.

Cosby's cuts draw praise but lack insight. A storm of criticism continues to drench me for blasting Bill Cosby in a July 28 column. About 200 people have left voice mail, written letters or e-mail, most of which backed Cosby for his rant against African-Americans.

Cosby's Low Blow
Instead of criticizing African-Americans, actor should help end alienation.

This isn't so new for Cosby. Daily Review Online. August 08, 2004

Black Americans must break their silence. Henry Louis Gates Jr. The New York Times. August 1, 2004. It shouldn't be taboo to say, as Cosby did, that behavior's an issue.

Black Youth and Life Choices (4 Letters to the Editor). The New York Times. August 5, 2004.

Cosby, Hip-Hop & Thug-Life: The Politics of Community Responsibiity.

Cosby defends remarks, promises more. Cincinnati Enquirer. July 30, 2004.

Black Leaders Speak Out On Bill Cosby Meltdown. National Enquirer. July 29, 2004

Cosby defends remarks on blacks. USA Today. 29 July 2004.


Cosby’s challenge: Parents’ roles. By Martin C. Evans. Newsday. July 25, 2004


Rap music is parents' proof their teens need their help. Barbara F. Meltz. Boston Globe. July 22, 2004.


Comedian Bill Cosby's speech unreconstructed - Part I; Bill Cosby Part II: Bill Cosby and his pals could do more. Ron Walters.

Cosby’s Controversy or Why Cosby Should Keep on Talking. Hermene D. Hartman. N’Digo Online (Chicago)

Cosby and Black Underclass: A Challenge, Not an Indictment. Benin Dakar. Christian Science Monitor. July 20, 2004.

Bill Cosby Should Be Leading NAACP. Doug Patton. American Daily. July 20, 2004.

The Black Slate: Ruminations on Cosby and Bush. Lester Kenyatta Spence. July 20, 2004


Mr. Cosby's Critique. (Letter to the Editor) Ronald David. The Washington Post. July 17, 2004.


A Conversation With President Bill Clinton on Race in America Today. Former president answers questions from Center for American Progress Senior Vice President Cassandra Butts. July 16, 2004. Listen to interview. Download MP3.


Cosby, NAACP Miss Chance To Be Different. Rochelle Riley. Detroit Free Press. July 16, 2004.

Cosby Speaks Painful Truth To Poor Blacks. Rochelle Riley. Detroit Free Press. May 26, 2004

Race Resurfaces: NAACP, Cosby controversies play useful role. Editorial. Christian Science Monitor. July 16, 2004


Tough Talk. Transcript, RealAudio, and Streaming Video. The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer (PBS TV). July 15, 2004. Ray Suarez discusses Cosby's controversial comments with Dr. Alvin Poussaint, a psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School, and Ta-Nehisi Coates, a writer for the Village Voice.

Bill Cosby blames parents for US society’s ills. Lawrence Porter. World Socialist Web Site.  14 July 2004

The Cos Again. Walter E. Williams. July 14, 2004

Three cheers for the Cos, Part II. Walter E. Williams. June 9, 2004


Three cheers for the Cos. Walter E. Williams. June 02, 2004

Bill Cosby - America's granddad gets ornery. Debra Dickerson. Slate. July 13, 2004

Mushmouth Reconsidered. Ta-Nehisi Coates. The Village Voice. July 13, 2004. You can't say that on TV—but Bill Cosby can.

Cosby Rips Into Black America Again. Ta-Nehisi Coates. The Village Voice. July 2, 2004.

Ebonics! Weird Names! $500 Shoes! Shrill Bill Cosby and the speech that shocked black America. Ta-Nehisi Coates. The Village Voice. May 26 - June 1, 2004.

Discussion Forum at ("A Conservative News Forum"), based on: "Ebonics! Weird Names! $500 Shoes! Shrill Bill Cosby and the speech that shocked black America"

Cosby's 'deal' to quell poverty cuts both ways. Clarence Page. Chicago Tribune. July 11, 2004

At colleges, immigrants are 'minorities' too. Clarence Page. Chicago Tribune. July 7, 2004

40 years of opportunities. Clarence Page. Chicago Tribune. July 4, 2004

What Bill Cosby meant to say. Clarence Page. Chicago Tribune. May 30, 2004

Cosby sounds off over `dirty laundry'. Clarence Page. May 23, 2004. Chicago Tribune.

Space for the embattled. Gary Younge. The Guardian (UK). July 12, 2004. Minority communities need a respite from attack to be able to challenge their own dupes and demagogues

Cosby Pushes the Buttons. Richard Prince's Journal-isms™. July 12, 2004. Bill Cosby is on his way to having created the cultural story of the year for people of color.

Includes Links To Several Other Commentaries Not Listed On This Page

The Cosby Show. The Economist. July 10 2004. A comedian with a message that is worth listening to.

The Praise and Blame of Bill Cosby. Acel Moore. Philadelphia Daily News. July 09, 2004


Cosby's remarks on blacks' woes are refreshing. Leonard Pitts Jr. Miami Herald. July 09, 2004.

Cosby gave rare voice to hard issues for blacks. Leonard Pitts Jr. Miami Herald. May 24, 2004.


The Myths of Bill Cosby. Earl Ofari Hutchinson. July 09, 2004.

Blame Cosby? Earl Ofari Hutchinson. June 04, 2004.


Stereotypes, Not Cosby, Are The Real Problem. Earl Ofari Hutchinson. AlterNet. June 03, 2004.

The New Cosby Kids. Barbara Ehrenreich. The New York Times. July 8, 2004

When Cosby Spoke of Black Youth (6 Letters to the Editor). New York Times. July 11, 2004.

Cosby's 'Black Guilt' Trip. Danielle Worthy, Pacific News Service. July 8, 2004. Bill Cosby's latest volley of controversial remarks is stirring up fresh controversy in the nation's African-American media.

Don’t blame Blacks for slavery’s aftermath. Alton H. Maddox Jr. Amsterdam News. July 8, 2004.

Cosby Rant Stirs Up Black Press. Danielle Worthy. Pacific News Service. July 07, 2004


Cosby should widen target of criticism . Michael Paul Williams. Richmond Times-Dispatch.

July 7, 2004

Cosby's barbs could do more harm to blacks. Adrienne Washington. Washington Times. July 06, 2004

Cosby won't let up, and neither should we. Laura Washington. Chicago Sun Times. July 5, 2004. I had never seen the Rev. Jesse Louis Jackson cry in public. And he's seldom upstaged. Until Bill Cosby came to town.

Cosby's telling our race secrets -- and it's about time. Laura Washington. Chicago Sun Times. June 7, 2004

Scholar (Michael Eric Dyson) raps TV picture of blacks. Cosby, Reagan also criticized. Walter Gabriel Jr. The Times-Picayune. July 05, 2004

Black leaders back Cosby's straight talk. Brian DeBose. The Washington Times. July 04, 2004.

Bill Cosby Criticizes Black Community -- Interview With Reverend Jesse Jackson. Partial transcript of The Big Story With John Gibson, edited for clarity. Fox News Channel. July 2, 2004

Cosby has more tough love for black community. USA Today. July 02, 2004.

Cosby Takes Black Folks to The Cleaners. James Hill. July 2, 2004.

Cosby Chastises Black Parents, Kids. People Weekly. July 02, 2004. Causing an uproar for the second time in two months, the entertainer says black children are "going nowhere".

Cosby brings his frank talk to Rainbow/PUSH Convention. Actor stands by earlier remarks. Chicago Tribune. Jamal Watson. July 2, 2004


Bill Cosby has more harsh words for black community. July 1, 2004

Discussion Forum at ("A Conservative News Forum"), based on: "Bill Cosby has more harsh words for black community".

Cosby's Tirade On The Hip-Hop Generation: Just Jokes, Way Overdue Or Quoted Out Of Context?. Lloyd Williams. July 2004.


Bill Cosby Criticizes Lower Income People. Arthur N Lewin. June 30, 2004

Black leaders still have a vital job to perform. Dawn Turner Trice. Chicago Tribune. June 30, 2004

Cosby's words require action, not animosity. Dawn Turner Trice. Chicago Tribune. June 21, 2004


Cosby's wisdom necessary, but hard to swallow. Dawn Turner Trice. Chicago Tribune. June 18, 2004

Cosby Criticism of African American Language Skills Sparks Intense Debate, Says The Brokaw Company. PR Newswire, June 28, 2004


United We Stood, But Divisions Now Show. Jonetta Rose Barras. The Washington Post. June 26, 2004. Cosby Ignited a Debate About Class. We Need to Keep Talking.

Bill Cosby attacks poor African Americans. Dee Myles. People's Weekly World Newspaper. June 24, 2004.

Black Communist: "Bill Cosby Attacked Poor Blacks". Booker Rising Blog. June 25, 2004.

Spike Lee Sides with Cosby over Comments. People Weekly. June 22, 2004. The filmmaker defends Bill Cosby's recent controversial speech to African-American leaders.


"How Long? Cosby, Brown and Racial Progress." Julianne Malveaux. Black Issues in Higher Education. June 17, 2004.


Thank you, Bill Cosby, for the truth. E.R. Shipp. New York Daily News. June 16, 2004.


The Cosby comments: Valid critique or blaming the victim? Ron Daniels. June 13, 2004.


Our silence is a hurtful silence. Armstrong Williams. June 9, 2004


Readers sound off loud and clear on Cosby's remarks. Gregory Clay. Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service. June 8, 2004

Bill Cosby shouldn't back down from breaking the code. Gregory Clay. May 25, 2004

Bill Cosby's words enrage, but also enlighten. Star Parker. June 8, 2004


African-American community should listen to 'Cos'. Oscar Eason, Jr. The Seattle Times. June 08, 2004.


Cosby's Comments Are No Laughing Matter. Stephanie Stokes Oliver. Nia Online


Ebonics, English are both facts of American life. Sylvester Brown Jr. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. June 08, 2004. I have a confession to make.

Much of debate appears to be finger-pointing. Sylvester Brown Jr. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. June 05, 2004


Dick Gregory sheds light on Cosby's comments on race. Sylvester Brown Jr. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. May 27, 2004.


It's too bad Cosby shared negative thoughts in public. Sylvester Brown Jr. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. May 25, 2004

Black Writers on Bill Cosby. AfriGeneas Writers Forum. 8 June 2004.

Thinking of Cosby, reparations effort. James Ragland. The Dallas Morning News. June 07, 2004.

Past Imperfect: The Cosby Show. William Jelani Cobb. June 07, 2004.  Cosby's recent remarks are nothing shocking: the afrostocracy has been criticizing its more ghetto cousins for decades.

Don't Criticize Cosby for Telling the Truth. Fredrick D. Robinson. Atlanta Tribune


The reality of low-income black Americans falls far from Cosby's criticism. Ron Harris. St. Louis Post-Dispatch. June 05, 2004.


Cosby Uproar. Jamal E. Watson. Amsterdam News. June 05, 2004.


A Little About Cosby, More about Black America. Clayton Ruley. 04 June 2004.


Bill Cosby, you are right! Washington/Baltimore Afro - American. June 04, 2004. Editorial

Cosby responds. Washington/Baltimore Afro - American. June 04, 2004.

Cosby's critical remarks cross the line. jimi izrael. Letters to the Editor. USA Today. June 04, 2004.


Viewpoint: Where were you, Bill Cosby? Jeff Dickerson. Atlanta Business Chronicle. June 4, 2004


Backlash. John McWhorter. June 03, 2004.

Bill Cosby Can't Say That, Can He? John McWhorter. The Dallas Morning News. June 3, 2004.

Opinions by Bishop T.D. Jakes, John McWhorter, Sheron C. Patterson, Franklyn Jenifer, DeDe McGuire. Dallas Morning News. June 03, 2004.


No joke for Bill Cosby. Editorial. Boston Globe. June 3, 2004


Cosby's Confused Notion of 'Responsibility'. June 03, 2004.

Black Conservatives: Cosby's Comments 'Bold' and Right-On. Chad Groening and Jody Brown. June 3, 2004.

Cosby's Comments Bring Applause From Black Conservatives. Jenni Parker and Chad Groening. May 28, 2004

The Cosby Speech: Slams 'Lifestyles of the Poor And Infamous'? Stu Bykofsky. Philadelphia Daily News. June 03, 2004.

Commentary: Calls for Personal Responsibility were Dodged for too Long. Gregory Kane. June 03, 2004.

Black leaders must choose between criminals and victims. Gregory Kane. The Baltimore Sun. May 29, 2004.

What Bill Cosby Should Be Talking About. Christopher John Farley. Time. June 03, 2004. It's fine to be critical. But blacks should be working together, not against each other.

Cosby's Response to Criticism in Time. Bill Cosby Responds to 'Dirty Laundry' Criticism in Time Magazine in Statement Released by the Brokaw Company. June 7, 2004.

Bill Cosby & the Blogosphere. The new media. Matt Rosenberg. National Review Online. June 03, 2004

What's the fuss? Bill Cosby said nothing new nor shocking to African Americans. Betty Bayé. Louisville Courier-Journal. June 03, 2004

No Joke for Bill Cosby. Editorial. Boston Globe. June 03, 2004

Dr. Bill Cosby, I respectfully disagree. Edward Rhymes. The New Bedford (Mass.) Standard-Times. June 02, 2004.

Cosby's comments out of line, and just plain wrong. Charlie Walsh. Connecticut Post. June 02, 2004


Cosby's Demons. Erin Aubry Kaplan. LA Weekly. June 02, 2004. When Bill Cosby chastised blacks for racism, he revealed his own demons, and ours.


Cosby Controversy. Audio. "Here  & Now", WBUR (Boston University). Guests: Clarence Page, Chicago Tribune & Angela Paige-Cook, Paige Academy, a private school in the Roxbury section of Boston. June 02, 2004


Reading Between the Lines: Kill Bill? Amy Alexander. June 1, 2004. Why are people piling on Cosby when Chris Rock and others say the exact same things?


Equal Time For The Good Deeds. Joan Vennochi. Boston Globe. June 1, 2004.


This Cosby show is undeserved: Comedian's comments elicit harsh criticism. Renee Graham. Boston Globe. June 1, 2004.


Bill Cosby on Thin Ice. Seth Sandronsky. May 31, 2004


All Grown Up and Through The Gantlet. Donna Britt. The Washington Post. May 30, 2004.


Cosby fuels fight about who is to blame for lack of black gains. Jabari Asim. The Washington Post. May 30, 2004. Comedian condemns misconduct, but it's unfair to target the poor, who can least defend themselves


Cosby Speaks Out and Gets Attacked. New York Post. May 30, 2004.


Bill Cosby's remarks defended, questioned. Peter Smith. The Courier-Journal. May 30, 2004. Criticisms of habits of some blacks draw local reaction


Cosby Remarks on Blacks Draw Fire, Support. Deepti Hajela. Associated Press. May 29, 2004.


Some blacks stand tall against the buffoonery. Stanley Crouch. New York Daily News. Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service. May 28, 2004.


Making a pitch for personal responsibility. Alvin Williams. The San Diego Union-Tribune. May 28, 2004


Bill Cosby Breaks the Gag Rule. Robert L. Woodson, Sr.


Michael Eric Dyson Commentary: Cosby's Comments - The Tavis Smiley Show (NPR) (Audio). National Public Radio. May 27, 2004.  Commentator Michael Eric Dyson straightens out his ruffled feathers over the comments of comedian-actor-philanthropist Bill Cosby. Cosby's message has stirred up a whirlwind of controversy over social responsibility in the African-American community.


An Ovation For Bill Cosby. L. Brent Bozell III. May 27, 2004


Bill Cosby Stands Behind Critical Comments. George E. Curry, NNPA. Atlanta Daily World. May 27, 2004


Comment: Understand Cosby's criticisms. Joe Rodriguez. May 27, 2004. Key is to help lower economic people, not just scold them


Beyond What Bill Cosby Said. Theodore M. Shaw. The Washington Post. May 27, 2004.

Bill Cosby's Comments and the Black Community. Letters to Editor. The Washington Post. June 2, 2004.

Theodore Shaw Commentary: Beyond What Cosby Said. May 27, 2004. Booker Rising Blog.

Cosby's criticism still reverberates. Steve Miller. The Washington Times. May 27, 2004

Discussion Forum at ("A Conservative News Forum"), based on: Cosby's criticism still reverberates.

Cosby starts an overdue dialogue. Editorial. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. May 27, 2004.


Cosby was right to say what he thinks — we all should. Jerry Large. Seattle Times. May 27, 2004.

Tough love from Dr. Huxtable. New York Daily News. Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service, May 27, 2004.


His words sting because truth hurts. Cynthia Tucker. The Atlanta Journal - Constitution. May 26, 2004

Discussion Forum at ("A Conservative News Forum"), based on: His (Bill Cosby) words sting because truth hurts (Cynthia Tucker)

Cornel West Commentary: Cosby's Comments - The Tavis Smiley Show (NPR). National Public Radio. May 26, 2004

Cosby's criticism of parents plays into wrong hands. Joe Rodriguez. Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service. May 26, 2004


Cosby, right and wrong. Jay Bryant. May 26, 2004


What It Iz: Does America's Father Know Best? jimi izrael. May 26, 2004. At a recent Brown v. Board event, America's favorite prime-time father figure laid on a spanking. He should pick on someone his own size.

What It Iz: jimi izrael vs. Bill O'Reilly. jimi izrael. June 23, 2004. As it turns out, I was the lone nut who didn't agree with Bill Cosby.

Bill Cosby & The Flap That Wasn't. Dick Meyer. May 26, 2004


Some Blacks Find Nuggets Of Truth in Cosby's Speech; Others Say D.C. Remarks About Poor Blacks Went Too Far. Hamil R. Harris. The Washington Post. May 25, 2004.


Analysis: A Reality Check: Bill Cosby’s Take on Black Responsibility. DeWayne Wickham. May 25, 2004

Cosby isn't alone in asking blacks to own up to problems. DeWayne Wickham. USA Today. May 25, 2004.

Bravo for Bill Cosby. Thomas Sowell. May 25, 2004


An icon's classism disappointing. Tony Norman. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. May 25, 2004.


Cosby Says Comments Are 'Call to Action' (Includes Discussion Forum). Ed Wiley III. May 24, 2004


Cosby says some parents failing kids with school. Nicole C. Wong. Mercury News. May 24, 2004


'Fix It, Brother'. Colbert I. King. The Washington Post. May 22, 2004


So the phone rings, and it's Cosby calling. May 22, 2004. Eugene Kane. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Cosby says tough words needed to right wrongs. Bo Emerson. The Atlanta Journal - Constitution. May 22, 2004


Cosby Defends His Remarks About Poor Blacks' Values. Felicia R. Lee. New York Times. May 22, 2004

Cary Clack Commentary: There's a Lesson in Cosby's Criticism of Some Black Parents. May 22, 2004. Booker Rising Blog

There's a lesson in Cosby's criticism of some black parents. Cary Clack. San Antonio Express-News. May 22, 2004.

Cosby hits out at urban blacks for bad parenting. Charles Laurence. Daily Telegraph (UK). May 23 2004.

Bill Cosby: Poor blacks can't speak English. WorldNetDaily. May 20, 2004.


He's not joking. May 19, 2004


Bill Cosby is on the money. Roland S. Martin. May 18, 2004.



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