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Reports, Articles, Etc.

Listing is largely in reverse chronological order

Blacks Unrealistic About Building Wealth. Minority Wealth Magazine. March 1, 2005


The State of Black America, Part Two: Our Financial Insecurity. January 13, 2005. Keith Reed, Special to


Family’s financial education paying dividends to all. Tannette Johnson-Elie. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. December 21, 2004


It's tough for minorities to bridge the racial wealth gap. Tannette Johnson-Elie. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. November 23, 2004


Bringing Back 'Black Wall Street'. July 14, 2004. Melissa S. Monroe. National conference draws on the past to help redirect dollars back into the African American community.

Ariel/Schwab Surveys – African Americans and Investing - 1998-2004

7th Annual Ariel/Schwab Black Investors Survey Results - June 23, 2004. "The Results Are In: Blacks Coming Back To The Stock Market… After retreating sharply from stocks and mutual funds last year, Black investors are back to near pre-Bear market levels of stock ownership, according to the 7th Ariel –Schwab survey of Black and White households earning over $50,000 annually…

Too Much To Bear: 2003 Ariel-Schwab Poll Reveals Black Flight From Stocks - June 25, 2003. The recent bear market drove a significant percentage of African-American investors out of the stock market in favor of real estate and more conservative investments, including keeping more money in cash, according to the sixth annual Ariel-Schwab survey of Black and White households earning over $50,000 annually…

CNBC News; "Ariel Community Academy 6th Graders - Veteran Investors!"

Black Power Inc.: The New Voice of Success (2004; John Wiley)

Black Power Inc.: The New Voice of Success ( - Intro - The New Black Power on Wall Street - Magazine - Young, Gifted, Black—And Out Of Here

The Changing Face of Black Power. Jabari Asim. The Washington Post. June 1, 2004 - The Greening of Black Power

The Hidden Cost of Being African American: How Wealth Perpetuates Inequality. Thomas M. Shapiro. Oxford University Press. December 2003.

The Washington Post's review of The Hidden Cost of Being African American

"American Dreams Dashed". Melvin L. Oliver. The Crisis Magazine – Sep-Oct 2003. Early government redlining forced minorities to settle in neighborhoods where home values remained stagnant, stunting Black wealth

RACE - The Power of an Illusion. April 2003. PBS Television Documentary on Race in Society, Science and History. Background Readings on Wealth, Housing, Public Policy, Etc. Interviews with: Dalton Conley; Nancy DiTomaso; Melvin Oliver; John A. Powell.

Oliver, Melvin L. and Shapiro, Thomas M. "Wealth and Racial Stratification" in America Becoming: Racial Trends and Their Consequences, Volume II , edited by Neil Smelser, William Julius Wilson and Faith Mitchell. National Academy Press, 2001.

How To Widen The Black-White Wealth Gap. Dalton Conley. April 5, 2001.

"The Black-White Wealth Gap: Net Worth, More Than Any Other Statistic, Shows The Depth Of Racial Inequality." Dalton Conley. The Nation, March 26, 2001

The Wealth Factor. NEA Today. September 2000. A sociologist (Dalton Conley) says racial differences in family assets, not culture, explain achievement gaps in school performance.

Being Black, Living in the Red. Dalton Conley. 1999. Berkeley and Los Angeles, California: University of California Press.

The Racial Asset Gap. Melvin L. Oliver and Thomas M. Shapiro. 1999. One cannot fully understand the scope and impact of racial inequality on African Americans’ economic status without analyzing private wealth.

Black Wealth, White Wealth: A New Perspective on Racial Inequality. Melvin L. Oliver & Thomas M. Shapiro. Routledge. 1997.

Study: Blacks Narrow Wealth Gap. Ann Brown. Garland Journal News. December 2003

It's About The Money! Brooke Stephens, November 20, 2003

Homeownership Is Key to Closing Wealth Gap for African Americans. Michelle Singletary. The Washington Post. November 13, 2003.

'Hood Rich' Isn't Rich at All. Michelle Singletary. The Washington Post, May 11, 2003.

"It's Green, Not Black or White". Michelle Singletary. The Washington Post. Sep 8, 2002.


Purchasing Power: Black Kids and American Consumer Culture. Elizabeth Chin. 2001

Black Household Wealth, Financial Planning Have Risen. M2 Presswire, Nov 6, 2003

On the Road to Wealth, Blacks are On Course. Stacy Gilliam, Oct. 29, 2003

Black Americans' Wealth Increases, But Still Lags. Reuters. October 29, 2003.

Black-white differences in achievement: the importance of wealth. Amy J. Orr. Sociology of Education, October 2003.

Blacks failing to achieve potential for wealth, finance editor says. Nancy Rodriguez. The Courier-Journal (Louisville, KY).  September 14, 2003

Blacks Have Yet to Catch Up. John A. Foster-Bey. World and I. Feb 2003. Although black income, wealth, and education have significantly improved, an overwhelming difference remains between blacks and whites in every economic category.

Creating Capital, Jobs and Wealth in Emerging Domestic Markets: Financial Technology Transfer to Low-Income Communities. Glenn Yago, Betsy Zeidman, and Bill Schmidt. The Milken Institute, January 2003.

The Minority Business Challenge. Milken Institute and the Minority Business Development Agency. September 25, 2000.

African American Wealth: Powerful Trends and New Opportunities. New York Life Insurance Co. 2003

Lifting Blacks' Faith in the Markets. Dina Temple-Raston. The New York Times. December 8, 2002

"Faux Real." Net wealth of African Americans. Kelvin Boston. Savoy. December 2002.

"Area First In Nation For Black Prosperity: Homeownership and Wealth - Washington, D.C. Area." D'Vera Cohn & Dan Keating. The Washington Post. October 20, 2002

"Bank of America Heads New Effort To Press Blacks to Save, Invest More." Banking Wire. October 15, 2002. With wealth among blacks rising, this market segment is becoming more attractive than ever to banks. Therein lies opportunity.

"BET Leads Wealth Management Drive." Amilda Dymi. National Mortgage News. Sept 16, 2002

"Report Examines Reasons For Black 'Wealth Gap' In U.S." Banking Wire. September 11, 2002

Poverty Is More Than a Matter of Income. Ray Boshara. The New York Times. September 29, 2002

Blacks Are Earning More, But Lagging In Savings and Investing, New Study Finds. Jet. September 16, 2002.

Building Black Wealth: Part 1: Wealth Gap Between Blacks And Whites Steadily Growing Despite Record Income Growths. Domnick Hadley. The Call (Kansas City, MO). August 23, 2002.

Building Black Wealth: A Healthy Investment Strategy Is A Key Quotient In Building Wealth, Says Advisor. Domnick Hadley. The Call (Kansas City, MO). August 30, 2002

Building Black Wealth: Entrepreneurship Keeps The Community Anchored; Provides Inner Growth And Stability, Say Local Businesswomen. Domnick Hadley. The Call (Kansas City, MO). September 20, 2002

Building Black Wealth: Program Director Says Under Development And Unfair Lending Practices Allow Minority Homeownership Rates To Stagger. Domnick Hadley. The Call (Kansas City, MO). September 27, 2002

Black American Personal Wealth: Current Status. Stephen Brobeck. BET/Consumer Federation of America Report. August 2002.

Black Americans Hold Much Less Wealth Than Other Americans. and the Consumer Federation of America. Washington, DC, August 29, 2002

Black America Saves' Initiative Heats Up. Stacy Gilliam, August 30, 2002.

Building Black Wealth Starts With You. Ernie Suggs.

Study: Black Wealth Growing But Still Far Behind Other Americans. Laurie Kellman. The Associated Press. August 29, 2002

"Study: African American Wealth Still Trails; Finances: A cable network and a consumer group hope to narrow the gap with a new program, 'Black America Saves.'" Robert Patrick. Los Angeles Times. August 30, 2002.

Black Wealth Growing But Still A Ways To Go. Doug Mills. The Associated Press. August 30, 2002. Black Americans are earning more than ever, but a lack of investment experience and conflicting attitudes toward saving money stand in the way of accumulating wealth, consumer advocates and experts say.

"A Net Worthy Cause: African American Strategic Planning Group striving to change the community through education." Donald Jay Korn. Black Enterprise. August 2002

JS Online: Blacks' resistance to stock market waning. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. July 2002.

Wealth Building Through Venture Capital. Alex P. Kellogg. July 12, 2002

Building Wealth -- One Step at a Time. Monda Webb. June 20, 2002

Harnessing the Mystery of Capital; Closing the Wealth Gap. Franklin D. Raines, Chairman and CEO, Fannie Mae. Remarks delivered at the Howard University Charter Day Convocation, Washington, DC. March 8, 2002.

Stocks Soar as Choice for Black Investors. Janet Stewart. Chicago Tribune. June 12, 2002.

"The Color of Money: Bad Credit, Wealth, and Race." Sheila D. Ards and Samuel L. Myers Jr. American Behavioral Scientist. October 2001

"Build Wealth Now!" Black Enterprise. October 2001

Sidebar: Four Trends Leading to Black Mega-Wealth. Turning Point Magazine. Fall 2001.

Household International Sponsors Congressional Black Caucus Foundation's 'With Ownership, Wealth' Housing Initiative. PR Newswire. August 9, 2001

Economic Empowerment: More Black Americans Invest In Stocks. Lisa Singhania. Associated Press. July 23, 2001

Ways and Means: Building Black Wealth Collectively. Carolyn M. Brown. Feburary 13, 2001

Ways and Means: Black Buying Power, White Economic Clout. Carolyn M. Brown. January 31, 2001

The New Black Millionaires and Black Philanthropy In the 21st Century. Lisa Y. Sullivan. November 2000

Racial Wealth Gap: Stock Investments Play Major Role, Study Says. Research News, Ohio State University. 2000.

Why Is There A Lack Of Generational Wealth In Black Community?

"Giving Black Wealth A Boost." Business Week. August 14, 2000

"Narrowing the Wealth Gap." Mari McQueen. Emerge. May 2000

Black Dollar Power - economics in the African American community. Julianne Malveaux. Essence, October 1, 1999. It's time to dedicate more of our gains in income and employment to building wealth in our communities.

The Racial Wealth Gap: Left Out of the Boom. Press Release. United for a Fair Economy. Sept. 30, 1999. Most black & Hispanic families lack opportunity to build assets.

Shifting Fortunes: The Perils of the Growing American Wealth Gap. Chuck Collins, Betsy Leondar-Wright & Holly Sklar. 1999. Holly Sklar and United for a Fair Economy

"Riches Within Reach: With Education, Discipline and Some Sacrifice, Black Wealth Can Be Achieved." George C. Fraser. Emerge. May 1999

Black Wealth Requires Black Capital: A Proposal for Strengthening the Black Financial Sector. S. F. Thomas. 1999.

"Black Investment for the 21st Century." Eric L. Smith. Black Enterprise, Jan 1999

"Wall Street Looks to Tap Blacks’ Increasing Interest in Markets." Novich, D./Bloomberg. ( November 3, 1998

"Banking On Us: The State of Black Wealth." Julianne Malveaux. Essence. October 1998.

Five Rules for Black Wealth. Rick Adams. October 21, 1998. Exodus On-Line.

"The Black Investor, Playing Catch-Up." P. Truell. The New York Times, August 23, 1998

Inheriting Wealth. William Raspberry. The Washington Post. August 10, 1998

The Black Wealth Imperative. Editorial. Earl G. Graves. Black Enterprise. June 1998. African Americans must focus on ownership through stock market investment options such as 401K plans, investment clubs, brokerage firms, dividend reinvestment plans in addition to entrepreneurship.

Don’t Let the Bull Market Pass You By. M. S. Scott, Black Enterprise, June 1998

Why More Blacks Don't Invest. Glenn Loury. New York Times Magazine. June 7, 1998

Black Wealth vs Wage Slaves.

"Economic Power: The Next Civil Rights Frontier." Hugh Price. National Urban League, 1997.

"The Feeling Is Mutual." J. Anderson. Black Enterprise. October 1997.

"Investment Clubs Catch On With Blacks; Climb in Income Prompts Change." E. Kinsella and N. M. Christian. The Wall Street Journal. October 15, 1997.

"Chicago Bulls: How Jesse Brown Gets Reluctant Customers to Dive Into Stocks." J. S. Hirsch. The Wall Street Journal, September 17, 1997.

The New Black Power. (African American Executives). Roy S. Johnson. Fortune. August 04, 1997.

"Tapping an Untapped Investment Market." Michelle Singletary, The Washington Post, June 30, 1997

"Profiling The Black Investor: A Long-Neglected Market Begs To Be Tapped." Olayinka Fadahunsi. Black Enterprise. June 1997.

"Blacks And Whites Differ As Investors--Sharply." Kelly D. Smith, Money, March 1997

"The Key To Black Wealth: Ownership; Black Poverty Is More A Matter Of Net Worth Than Income." David Swinton. Black Enterprise. July 1994

"Inside The Black-White Wealth Gap: A Tale Of Three Classes." Shelly Branch, Heidi Waldrop. Essence. April 1993

"Black Wealth Hit By Racial Heritage". David R. Francis. The Christian Science Monitor. April 6, 1990.

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"Finding A Prescription For Black Wealth" (Black Enterprise Board of Economists). Derek T. Dingle. Black Enterprise. January 1987

"Now, A Black Wealth Gap." Newsweek. July 28, 1986

"The Bedrock of Black Wealth." Black Enterprise. June 1980

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